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18th,Apr.,2020: The Categories of Articles of BPPB has been slightly revised.
The Categories of Articles of BPPB (Biophysics and Physicobiology) included "Experimental Methods and Protocols”. Now, this category has been extended to "Methods and Protocols", covering the methods and protocols for experimental and computational biophysics, as described in the revised "Instructions for Authors”.
5th,Feb.,2020: A new service, Advance online Publication, has just started to quickly release the accepted paper from the BPPB web site.
25th, Apr., 2019: BPPB is now included in Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ). The detail of DOAJ can be found here.
29th, Oct., 2018: BPPB can now be searched for in Web of Science. Current collection (2018) will soon be expanded to the past and future manuscripts in BPPB.
3rd, Oct., 2018: BPPB acquired ESCI (Emerging Sources Citation Index) from Clarivate Analytics. BPPB is now included in Web of Science and on the road for getting Impact Factor.
28th, Mar., 2018 EndNote style file is now linked to the Instruction for Authors page.
4th, Dec., 2017 BPPB now adopts a graphical abstract system and improves the communication method with the society. The detail can be found in the instruction for authors.
1st, Dec., 2017 All articles of BPPB, published after today, are licensed under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license.

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Advance online publication

A novel mode of interaction between intrinsically disordered proteins
Emi Hibino, Masaru Hoshino

Recent Articles

Identification and mapping of central pair proteins by proteomic analysis
Daniel Dai, Muneyoshi Ichikawa, Katya Peri, Reid Rebinsky, Khanh Huy Bui
Gate-keeper of ion transport ―a highly conserved helix-3 tryptophan in a channelrhodopsin chimera, C1C2/ChRWR
Yujiro Nagasaka, Shoko Hososhima, Naoko Kubo, Takashi Nagata, Hideki Kandori, Keiichi Inoue and Hiromu Yawo
Crystalline chitin hydrolase is a burnt-bridge Brownian motor
Akihiko Nakamura, Kei-ichi Okazaki, Tadaomi Furuta, Minoru Sakurai, Jun Ando and Ryota Iino
Synthetic tissue engineering: Programming multicellular self-organization by designing customized cell-cell communication
Satoshi Toda
Observation of nucleic acids inside living human cells by in-cell NMR spectroscopy
Yudai Yamaoki, Takashi Nagata, Tomoki Sakamoto and Masato Katahira
A simple method for modeling amyloid kinetics featuring position biased fiber breakage
Damien Hall
Effect of nuclear import receptors on liquid-liquid phase separation
Takuya Yoshizawa, Hiroyoshi Matsumura

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