EABS & BSJ 2006
november 12-16, 2006 Okinawa, Japan
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Introducing the Conference Site
Introducing Okinawa
Okinawa Prefecture is part of a chain of islands extending over 1,000 kilometers from the southernmost tip of Kyushu to Taiwan. It consists of 160 islands, 49 of which are inhabited. According to Chinese legend, the explorer who first encountered the area almost fifteen centuries ago was so impressed with the islands in their beautiful subtropical sea setting he was inspired to name them Ryukyu, meaning literally "jewels in the blue." Anyone visiting Okinawa today and taking in much the same scenery can appreciate how he felt. When an average year round temperature of 23°C is added to its beaches, coral reefs, forests and other natural attributes, it is easy to see why Okinawa draws favorable comparisons with Hawaii and Bali as a tourist destination.

Okinawa is often called "the Galapagos Islands of Asia." There is a good reason why. As the only prefecture located in a subtropical climatic zone in Japan, the islands are home to lush colorful flora and unique animals enjoying the mild year-round weather. It is a true paradise for Mother Nature and a dream destination for visitors who enjoy and appreciate it.
Okinawa Prefecture Government : https://www.pref.okinawa.jp/english/
Okinawa Tourism & Convention Guidance : https://www.ocvb.or.jp
Okinawa Convention Center
Okinawa Prefecture has been designated as a model location for international tourism in Japan as well as a site for international conventions.Since its foundation in 1987, the Center has been widely utilized for various types of events such as symposiums, festivals, conferences, plays, and concerts, and the facility has proven very useful and is highly appreciated by convention participants as well as meeting planners.
Okinawa Convention Center : https://www.oki-conven.jp/index_e.html