How to be a member

Access online application or download an entry sheet, fill out the form and send the sheet to the Branch Office of the Biophysical Societiy of Japan (FAX 075-415-3662).

Your information about admission will be deleted
when we cannot confirm your payment by the end of fiscal year.

Notice for the form

  • Print or type the form. Do not hand-write.
  • Do not shorten your affiliation.
  • For a student membership, add name, rank and affiliation of the advisor.
  • The fiscal year of the Society starts in 1st May and ends in 30th Apr.

One year Regular membership costs 10000 yen. There is no membership fee for student members. The Society requests 1000 yen at the time of initial application. One year Institutional membership cost 12000 yen. The Society welcomes an Associate membership from an organization with 30000 yen or more a year.

The payment of the membership fee is checked every January.

Member information service

To check your membership status and information, click HERE. (Member of biophysical society of Japan ONLY)

Member information service

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